Comments from on wining the LIYA ABIMANEE Award 2011 by NGO Pikaspon

Dear Mr.Pieter,
Yesterday we went to the NGO meeting in southern province.There were 110 NGO members.
From them Pikaspon foundation won the 1st place. They appreciated our projects. We won a medal also. Other NGO's haven't done even a half of work that we have done. There were some NGO's that help economical for the poor children's education.

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In this photo the award at BMICH and the certificate was given at the divisional secretariat in Galle. They appreciated our helping hand for the poor people. They were really thankful to us. Not only that, they wondered about our projects that we done before the registration. They told that we have became forward through out of the other NGO's.

They awarded the Pikaspon foundation for these good deeds that we done lonely. Almost all of the other NGO's have large offices and a large crowd as the working team. But they have less done when compare with us. PIKASPON had this award for hardworking, effort and our honesty.