The PIKASPON foundation is founded on the 28th of June 2005. The Mission of the Foundation is  "To grant humanitairy aid in developing countries". The name PIKASPON means PIeter, KArin and SPONsors. On January 1st 2008 PIKASPON is granted an official status by the Dutch Tax Government.

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PIKASPON is a small, but very efficient aid organization. Where large aid organization mostly have a lot of overhead costs, PIKASPON works quick and direct. 99% of  the sponsored money is used for aid. All activities are planned as efficient as possible. E.g. all travel expenses of the committee members from Europe to Sri Lanka are paid by themselves.

In Sri Lanka PIKASPON is represented by Mrs. Shyamani Panabokke.

If you require more information or want to become a sponsor you can mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Telephone number 0031 73 644 1893 or 0031 6 4225 0926.